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Automatic Billing System : RFID based

MAKERS: Karthiklal , Rahul , Megha , Akshaya COUNTRY: India

An Automated billing system using RFID technology for product identification and billing.Will prove extremely useful and functional in high intensity urban and suburban super/hyper markets.Anti-theft security as an added bonus.

The Purpose

By automation of the Billing system a customer is freed from the stress of waiting on a long line of queue to get to a billing counter , thus avoiding all the RUSH,HUSTLE,WAITING and STRESSING. "The main tensions u want to avoid in shopping ". The system is designed to bill a product when added to the basket/trolley and de-bill it on removal & also displaying the accumulated amount thus far. : "Gives a better picture of the total Amount including all possible discounts " > "Helps better CHOICES">"More SATISFIED customers" Fully automated self Billing. Better Anti-Theft Security of products.

The Technology

RFID Chips(passive) : Providing a unique ID to each product. RFID READER : For Identification of ID embedded into each chip. Atmega 328P : Micro controller,to process data received,send & receive data to central system,control of user interface mechanisms. Bluetooth or WIFI module : Send & receive data between controller and central system. PC/ Tablet : Central system to maintain records,automated inventory , hub to database access of products and RFID chip data. (Simple and basic hardware , combined for a better system of access)

Additional Details

# Automation of billing : counting , calculating and printing # Faster and easy billing # No WAITING for billing : Faster eXit # automated instantaneous CURRENT TOTAL on display : better budget calculation ("Away from billing counter ") # automated inventory management #Better anti-theft security # Higher Efficiency #Higher throughput : Of billing and customer satisfaction

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