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Ultra Modern Robotic Helping Hand

MAKERS: Anil Kumar COUNTRY: India

What if a robot under your guidance, detects objects and acquires and delivers it. That's exactly our project is all about.

The Purpose

1) It can solve problem where human intervention is nil. That is, all work will be done by bot. 2) It can help a blind man, lead through a very crowded place. 3) It can be used as care taker for old people and for infants. 4)It can be used in places where humans cannot enter and perform various tasks. 5) Or can be just used as a normal aquirer and deliverer. Thank you.

The Technology

It is a different approach in technology as both ultrasound and image processing along with robotic arm has been used. We use ultrasound to maintain a distance between the source, say human and the bot. The image processing is used to detect objects using a RPI camera which is processed using raspberry pi by Python codes. If detected, then robotic arm is directed to work. Now, by accurate analysis, the distance is measured, and the object is picked up, using gestures of humans, it performs specific tasks.

Additional Details

1) A new and accurate approach to object detection. 2) It acts as a helping hand to any human under which it is working. 3) Accurate object detection using opencv codes. 4)A wide range of applications compared to any other bots. 5) Future developments can make our bot a highly applicable.

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