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Smart dashboard

MAKERS: Sourabh , Karan , Jitendra COUNTRY: India

Smart dashboard model of dashboard in automobile vehicles which is inbuilt with multilevel security level system. It can verify registration certificate ,driving license and biometric features of the driver.


The Purpose

Vehicle theft has become a cause of concern for vehicle owners as well as police department in India. In spite of best efforts by the police department and vehicle owners the vehicle theft is not decreasing. So we have developed a device that prevents vehicle theft by stopping the entry of unauthorised person in the vehicle. The entry in the vehicle is card based. The system also takes snap of the driver automatically. So when a vehicle owner want to see or use the detail of our vehicle that who drive it , he can easily identify it .

The Technology

The principle of the system is based on sensors, barcode reader and magnetic strip readers, which read data from documents and match it with the prefilled details. Here we put some slots where a person can insert his RC, DL for checking with already registered RC and DL. In case of verified documents, snap of document along with the person captured in camera with date and time and stored. So when an owner want to see or use the detail of his vehicle that who is driving it, he can easily visualize.

Additional Details

Problem of theft of vehicles can be solved up to greater extent. By this system traffic police problem of checking documents is solved, and hence problem of traffic jams can be solved related to it. By this system we can find the exact location of the vehicles and save also. The problems like ?Hit and Run? cases can be solved within a very short span of time.

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