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Logic Design World

MAKERS: Ammara

Abstract: The speedy proliferation of information and communication technologies has importantly brought in wide spread use of new ways of teaching and learning methodologies including e-learning and virtual laboratories. This project presents Logic Design World (LDW), a software that acts as a smart tutor for logic design course. Its main objective is to develop students? logical thinking and problem solving skills. It provides an alternative support solution for students taking logic design course to help them enhance their understanding of the core concepts and learn through practice both theoretical and practical contents of the course. LDW is a user-friendly interactive software that includes PowerPoint presentations, tutorial videos, quizzes and virtual lab. LDW has also been embedded into mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, so that the users can use it as an application compatible with different platforms. Website and a forum has also been developed to provide online assistance to students with their queries and doubts in Logic Design. Made By: - Ammara Javed - Fariha Ali - Uzair Attique Ajman University of Science and Technology, UAE.

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