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Speech to Sign Translator

MAKERS: Ammara

This project is a simple DIY software for beginners using C#. It is very easy to program and the coding will take only a few hours. It consists of a large data base of words and their respective signs. Signs are in ASL (American Sign Language) filmed by one of the team mates taken from 'Signing Savvy' platform. It recognizes the word you said and converts it to its respective sign. It can recognize: - Single Words - Phrases - Sentences The project was done by 2 students studying in Biomedical Engineering in Ajman University- UAE The name of the students are: -Ammara Javed -Sewar Bassam This project is aimed for promoting: - Logical Thinking - Programming Skills - American Sign Language for Deaf - Care for People with Special Needs Please take a look at our project and vote for us, thanks :)

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