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Symme3D Vibration and Resonance free Multifunctional Delta based 3D Printer

MAKERS: Calin COUNTRY: Romania

Symme3D is a startup tackling various 3D printing technologies and managed to create from scratch a vibration and resonance free, high speed FFF based, ultra modular delta 3D Printer

The Purpose

Improve the experience, speed, reliability and LOOKS on FFF 3D printers.

The Technology

Consumer 3D Printers are messy slow wire infested machines. We redesigned our 3D printer from scratch with modularity, serviceability and extend ability in mind. Featuring a plethora of toolheads, from 3D printer extruder to Laser engraver amd PCB mill. Every single module can be removed in less than 10 seconds, magnetically attached including the motherboard and display which are housed in a removable drawer for easy servicing/hacking

Additional Details

- amazingly modular - versatile - future proof (an electronics Pick and Place on this platform is already in the works) - customization - FAST - vibration and resonance free - largest print volume for the smallest occupied space

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