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Global Environmental Monitoring network

MAKERS: Radu , Meda COUNTRY: Romania

uRADMonitor fights to solve one of mankind'?s greatest problems - pollution, with a global array of network-connected monitoring stations of proprietary design, focused on continuous Environmental Surveillance.

The Purpose

The uRADMonitor addresses pollution, the kind that we are unable to see, but directly affects our health and can cause life threatening diseases. Airborne toxic chemicals, radioactive dust and radioactive radon are correlated with cases of pulmonary cancer, asthma and heart disease. Since our biological senses can do little to warn us of such possible dangers, we have designed a worldwide network of monitors as a first line detection and warning system. Powerful sensors, capable of detecting both the chemical and the physical harmful factors, were deployed globally and share their readings to the uRADMonitor network.

The Technology

uRADMonitor is a global network of environmental monitors, following an IoT topology. We have designed 4 proprietary hardware detectors and have a presence of near 500 units worldwide. We address end users for those interested in monitoring their home environment, but also B2B including cities, office or production spaces. The (big) data we collect is a valuable asset for institutes interested in environmental and health research.

Additional Details

We target our three market segments with key features including: B2C segment: - clean air - fighting pollution - protecting health - civic responsability B2B segment: - clean office spaces - excellent work conditions - better environmental involvement Scientific and smart cities - uniform and comparable readings - big data - worldwide distributed readings - pollution as a phenomenon - global network

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