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Smart groundnut harvesting machine

MAKERS: Nithish , Dr.Ganesh COUNTRY: India

This smart groundnut harvesting machine is used to harvest the groundnut in village areas because in village areas the cultivation process is different

The Purpose

This smart groundnut harvesting machine is introduced to change the evolution of?the groundnut harvesting process. In order to reduce the burden for farmers this machine gives the product earlier with best quality it works in all different kinds of lands. This process totally reduces the need of labour. Because?all, the?entire process is done by a single?machine, it?collects the groundnut and stored in the storage tank. This machine?doesn't require?driver also it automatically drive and also this model requires reasonable money depends on their work.

The Technology

The plant is taken by robotic hands and the robotic hands are fixed in rolling belt, then the plants?send?to steel barrel roller it separates the groundnut and groundnut plant. These separated groundnuts are sent to the conveyor by groundnut collecting tray. Then after one cycle they ready for taking the next plant. There are mainly two options are provided in the machine (i.e.) usage of automatic driving or manual driving. In automatic driving the sensor is used. This sensor is mainly helpful for choosing the path.

Additional Details

It does not require manual driving. It gives the product earlier with best quality. It uses in all kind of farming lands .so, the farmers gets benefited. The requirement of labour is very less.

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