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Proportional and derivative control of a Line follower Robot

MAKERS: Rafael , Adriana COUNTRY: Venezuela

The robot have to follow a line in a maximum speed in automatic manner, the method used is the ziegler-nichols tuning, applying a critic Proportional constant (Kp)


The Purpose

The problematic of the control is to know what are the values of the constants proportional and derivative wich allows the robot stay the entire journey over the line without oscillations. the method used is the ziegler-nichols tuning, applying a critic Kp, a periodic sampling of the infrared sensors, sending and plotting the data in the computer, the critical period is located, with this values just have to apply the equations. With this the robot reached 2 meters per second of speed, without getting out of the racetrack even without oscillations.

The Technology

This robot has five infrared sensors which detect the location of the line. It also used a MicroController PIC18F26K20 this is responsible to execute an algorithm that reads the information given for the sensors and correct the location of the robot aplying a control proportional and derivative to the speed and turning sense of the motors. The driver for the motors that it used was the l293d , a pair of motors with relation 10:1, for the data transmission to the computer it used a pair of xbee s1. Finally two batteries of cellphone and a voltage booster.

Additional Details

This is a robot that can be applied at the industry to facilitate the movement of freight elevator

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