April 24, 2017

IoT projects and devices are infiltrating modern healthcare with the promise of technological, economic, and social advancements and help with all kinds of medical services and care. These advances apply to network architectures/platforms, applications, and industrial trends in IoT-based healthcare solutions.

Recently, there has been an increase in sensors, devices and internet applications that all have been incorporated into affordable healthcare gadgets. These types of IoT devices are gaining popularity and are expanding the potential uses of IoT in the healthcare market. There are many enabling technologies behind these devices such as cloud computing, grid computing, big data, networks, ambient technology, AR, and wearables.

With the increase of medical IoT, there are security and privacy challenges. According to the “The Internet of Things for Health Care: A Comprehensive Survey,” published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, “To facilitate the full adoption of the IoT in the healthcare domain, it is critical to identify and analyze distinct features of IoT security and privacy, including security requirements, vulnerabilities, threat models, and countermeasures, from the healthcare perspective.”

The concerns behind IoT in healthcare run the gamut from confidentiality and data freshness, to memory limitations and network attacks. It is imperative that companies do their research when it comes to allowing IoT into the world of healthcare.

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The Internet of Things for Health Care: A Comprehensive Survey

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