January 27, 2017


Your daily shower is about to get an upgrade, thanks to a smart home product that promises to pre-warm the water in shower before you even get out of bed. Moen, the company known for faucets and showerheads, has made its foray into the IoT with an app and digital shower control panel that gives the user more control over their shower experience.

The U by Moen shower allows you to adjust the water in the shower to the perfect temperature through the use of a smartphone app and/or an in-shower control panel. The app not only has options to save your favorite shower settings, but also can time your shower and notify you when the water hits your exact desired temperature.

While this smart home addition sounds a bit over the top, some of the other features can actually be helpful in saving time and water. Using the app or the wall mounted shower control panel, everyone in the home (up to 12 people) can program their preferred temperature and shower head configurations. With the push of a button, the shower will be customized to the user. Another benefit is that the system’s water controlling valves can adjust the flow of water during the preheating stage, so as to not waste water if you’re not yet in the shower. A timer function can also be activated to limit time in the shower, which can also help minimize wasted water.

Like most smart products, this programmable shower creates an efficient and optimized home, with added benefits that help conserve resources like water and energy.


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