January 11, 2017


The next big (yet, very small) thing in fitness tracking wearables has left your wrist and migrated to your fingers. With customers looking for advanced functionality as well as beautiful style, Motiv, has developed a smart ring.

The titanium ring is as attractive to wear at the office as it is to the gym, but the real power lies inside the ring. It is able to track heart rate, steps and sleep. For such a small device, the ring packs in an optical heart rate sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer and a smart LED sensor. As with most wearables, battery life is always a concern. The ring needs to be charged every 3-5 days, but is waterproof for continuous wear. Many fitness trackers have the ability to sync with your cell phone and buzz to relay notifications. Other trackers feature vibrations to remind you to be active. This ring does not have these capabilities, making it more of a tracker for monitoring only exercise and sleep.

With so many options for wearable devices, we’re noticing a growing shift from function-only to functional fashion that blends the technology inside the device with style and comfort.


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