August 29, 2016


The Internet of Things has come for your pillow. While we’re able to track everything from steps walked to calories consumed using wearables, sleeping is a pretty low tech activity. A new pillow wants to change that and help you gain more control over your snoozing.

The pillow is called Zeeq, and is made by a company called REM-Fit. It is currently on Kickstarter and not yet available to the public. The pillow contains some pretty serious technology between the stuffing (which is adjustable shredded memory foam for extra comfort).  Inside the pillow, there is a motion detector, motor and speakers, as well as a small remote so you can control some of the pillow’s unique functions. The rest of the functions and results are all accessible through the Zeeq app.

The pillow tracks your movement, the volume of your snoring, how well you sleep and allows you to listen to music. Only the person with their head on the pillow will hear the music so it will not wake a partner. The motor serves two purposes, to vibrate and wake you if you are snoring and as an alarm to wake you in the morning.  All of your sleep data is collected as you sleep so you can analyze it on the app when you wake up.

Most of us like the chance to unplug from our technology at night, but a smart pillow’s data might actually help us get a better night’s sleep, making us more productive and alert during our waking hours.


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