April 5, 2017

Today, marks the second annual Global Day of the Engineer. The day was created to bring together the international community in shining the spotlight on engineers and the future of engineering. The day celebrates the accomplishments of engineers, engages students in engineering activities and shares the amazing innovations engineers create every day.

Today is about recognizing the accomplishments of your colleagues and their work in engineering. Gathering a group to discuss advances in engineering, or showcasing the work of fellow engineers are great ways to celebrate the enormous impact that engineering has made on our everyday lives.

DiscoverE, the organization behind Global Day of the Engineer, is collecting pledges in support of the day, asking people to answer the call to action, “What will you do to grow the next generation of innovators?”

This movement looks to achieve this by exposing students  to the world of engineering through the use of games, projects and activities. Find a project that will engage students and help them learn all about about the endless possibilities  of a career in engineering.


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