May 9, 2017

As the number of IoT devices increases, keeping data secure and avoiding attacks remains a major concern. Many of these gadgets do not have built-in security, which makes them vulnerable to attacks, but a new microchip is hoping to make the IoT safer.

A chip was created by Microchip Technology together with Amazon Web Services  to help make devices that use the Amazon IoT cloud, more secure. This add-on chip, AWS-ECC508, was created for developers to incorporate into their IoT products that use Amazon Cloud Services. The microchip is designed to provide security between the IoT device and the cloud using a mutual authentication system. One-way authentication has commonly been used to secure systems, but this mutual authentication system checks the identity of the device and the server. It is able to ensure that it is not an attack and the data and commands are authentic.  

The microchip uses the ECC (elliptic curve cryptography) algorithm which is more efficient and uses less power consumption that the widely used RSA algorithm. The chip not only protects against cyber attacks but hardware attacks, and helps to make the IoT even more secure for the future.

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A Chip to Protect the Internet of Things

Microchip’s AWS-ECC508 bakes in secure communications


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