September 26, 2016


As the demand increases for wearables and mobile devices to offer more functions, Apple has acquired a startup company called Glimpse that collects user medical records to help them take control of their health. While medical records have already made the transition to digital, there isn’t a universal system, making it hard for patients to access all of their records in one place.

Having personal medical records easily accessible through an app can truly help people who are suffering from chronic health issues. The app collects confidential data and allows users to share their medical information with healthcare providers. For patients with complex medical conditions like cancer, heart disease and diabetes, this technology offers a much needed way for doctors and patients to manage care together.

With news of the acquisition, no specific announcements have been made as to how Apple will integrate this service into its devices. However it is likely that  it will be incorporated into its HealthKit research app to help doctors conduct trials and  improve treatment for chronic diseases.


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