April 11, 2016


Long gone are the days of ordinary earplugs. While earplugs have remained relatively unchanged in the face of the Internet of Things, new company Hush has engineered them to be a little smarter.

Unlike the typical foam or silicone models, these earplugs look more like Apple’s now iconic earbuds. In addition to muffling sound, the Hush smart earplugs connect to your smartphone via bluetooth to activate their “smart” features.

Hush earplugs are like a three-in-one gadget, as features include an alarm clock, sound machine, and noise cancellation. Users can easily navigate the smartphone companion app to choose calming sounds or set an alarm. But that’s where the sound stops. Unlike earbuds or headphones, the Hush earplugs do not transmit music or sounds from other smartphone apps, plus it does not need to use the app while you sleep, saving your phone battery.

Smart earplugs help consolidate other bedtime technologies like sound machines and alarm clocks, but it’s important to remember the added responsibility of charging and syncing the device. With added bells and whistles that let some controlled sounds in, Hush’s earplugs may just be your key to a good night’s sleep.


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