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Fire Fighting Hexapod Robot

MAKERS: Aulia Aditya

This is a fire fighter Hexapod robot. It can find a fire on a labyrinth and can move out from obstacle. Control system: - ATMEGA 32 as master microcontroller - ATMEGA 8 as slave - MOSFET IRF Z44N for drive DC motor and pump - SSC32 for controlling all of servos sensor system: - 8 Photodiode line censor - 5 SRF04 - TPA 81 - UVTron Manufacture of Robot: - 3 DOF, 6 legged - use 18 servo with 24kg/cm torque - 12V DC bursh motor for fan - 12V DC Motorpump for extinguiser - Parts of body made by acrylic 3mm and 5mm Features: - Sound Activated - can find fire on a 1 of 4 rooms labyrinth - can back to how that it starting after bonnet - can dodge from obstacle - Invers kinematics algorithm

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