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Smart Home Control and Automation system

MAKERS: Zakaria COUNTRY: Ghana

The system controls all your appliance in your room using your smart phone, also include smart Automation with "no one home" Detection, timer to time Appliances.


The Purpose

The system is designed in a way that helps you control all appliances in your home using your smart phone. With just a button pressed you can choose to turn on or off your appliance. The system can also be put to auto mode which senses the temperature and degree of luminance to automatically control appliances such as lights and fans. The sockets have timers, thus you can set a time or duration for which you want your appliance to operate. This could be used for heaters, blenders. Once you?re not at home the automatically shutdown unneeded appliances and puts itself to sleep

The Technology

The system is build around PIC18F4550 which is a low cost 8-bit microcontroller of PIC18F family, an HC06 Bluetooth/esp82666 wifi module, relays and basic components which are affordable on the market. An application is developed on a phone which send commands to the system to perform certain function with a just touch on a button. the additional functionalities like Auto mode, Timers and "No one home detection"( which shut down none needed appliances like light, fans when know one is present at home ) energy consumed by appliances, all with low cost components makes the system more unique.

Additional Details

The benefits of the system includes With the smart Control, the aged and physically challenge can easily control their home appliances with comfort. With Auto Mode energy wastage is greatly reduced and you get to release yourself from the stress of controlling; the system take charge of controlling based on environmental parameters. Using the Timer function will Reduces the risk of damages and burns that appliance like water heaters and other appliance cause when we forget to turn them off. Revolutionizes our home makes easily accessible and secure. The manufacturing cost for the system is low; thereby making the system as a whole affordable

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