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Automatic feeding System For Aqauculture

MAKERS: Vamsi Krishna COUNTRY: India

It is a remote controlled boat using which an aqua-farmer can feed his fish by just sitting on the bank of the fishery. It is first of its kind.


The Purpose

Aquaculture has become a major business in recent days. These aqua-farmers are facing many difficulties while feeding their fish. As the dimensions of these fisheries are very large, it is difficult for the farmer to spread the evenly all over the pond from outside. If the farmer goes into the pond to distribute the food he may harm the fish. This project is a remote controlled boat. The farmer has to just load the food into the container of boat. Using an RF transmitter he can control the boat and the food is pumped automatically into the water.

The Technology

The body of the boat is designed in such a way that it will not sink even in the extreme conditions. Its has a BLDC motor to give the forward movement for the boat and its direction is controlled using a servo motor. The RF receiver is connected to the ESC of the BLDC motor and also to the servo motor.The 5.4 GHz RF transmitter is used to change the angle of the servo and also control the speed of the BLDC. Food pumping is done using a driller connected to a DC motor which automatically pumps the food out.

Additional Details

? This project is one of its kind. ? The 5.4 GHz RF transmitter has a high range and can be operated from an average distance of 3KM. ? The container of the boat has a capacity of max 3 KG. ? A LiPo battery 3000 MAH is used for the power supply of the boat. ? The speed of the BLDC motor used is 1200 RPM per 1KV.

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