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Nautilius JR

MAKERS: jhon anderson COUNTRY: Colombia

The project consists of a Submersible Robotic Laboratory for Embedded Measurements of Water Characteristics in Water Sources for verification the potability And human consumption for prevent future diseases Healthy


The Purpose

Due to the continuity and lesser explotation ,some of the sources have been contaminated causing deaths and diseases in nearby populations Becoming an environmental problem that affects the health and well?being of entire countries. That is why it is a submersible robotic platform for the power of verification and check the potability of water and prevent future diseases and deaths in vulnerable populations by the consumption of untreated water.

The Technology

The project uses free hardware and software with boards such as arduino and raspberry pi, sensors made by ourselves as well as the physical construction of the submersible platform (submarine)

Additional Details

We are now working to integrate into the project sustainable energies such as solar and tidal power

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