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GardenPi - a smart solution


For all plant loving owning a garden in their home this is the ultimate smart solution. Smart gardening system has the garden covered with technology, removing your worries for plants.


The Purpose

Home based agriculture and plantation requires a daily monitoring. In our busy lives it is hard to always make time for our plantations to constant monitor them. Results , they die out. This is a project that has identified this problem and tried to design a scalable solution so that one never has to worry about their plants. they can be busy with their daily chores or enjoy long holidays and their plants would be healthy and fresh.

The Technology

This project uses Raspberry pi as a microcontroller inorder to control sensors. Namely: 1) Moisture control Sensor 2) Ambidient light Sensor 3) water level sensor Using a water pump water will be added to the soil from time to time reading the outputs from the sensors. The light sensors will allow the user to know if the weather is sunny or cloudy. And will allow them to control a light blub which can replicate sun for the time being. Water level sensor will tell the user if they need to fill the reservoir.

Additional Details

This project might look like other gardening system projects but it is different and unique in the following respects. 1) this is IoT enabled 2) remote monitoring of the system through internet ( app based ) 3) a end to end solution for indoor gardening. where our experiments are running on replacing sunlight with other light sources and yet make the plant survive. unique solution we are providing in the GardenPi which is different than all other products available. Its for those gardens that are remotely indoor and cannot access sunlight.

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