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The land mine detection bot


This is a robot that detects landmines. Wireless controlled with live feed on screen. Spotting landmines in war field to save humans from dying again due to a landmine.


The Purpose

This project solves an important military issue. It's made to determine landmines in warfare. Thereby saving lives of all those navy men who die of landmines.

The Technology

Using the technology of metal detector it detects a land mine. a wireless controlled robot that has a camera attached for live feed remotely. Made of hard materials that can travel easily on rough surface and terrain. Further automation is on process where there would be no human controlling needed with the utilisation of the self driving robot technologies that we are about to create.

Additional Details

1) this is a project that brings overall betterment of human. 2) high usage of waste materials for cost reduction but quality not compromised 3) usage of AI

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