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Traveling mobile charger without electricity as well as power bank


This device produce electricity with blowing air when we are traveling by train,bus,moter bike etc .this is compact in size and cost efficient.


The Purpose

When we are traveling by bus ,bike , train (general compartment),then we all have to face a problem of discharge of mobile phone and we haven't? electricity? at that place to charge mobile phone ,so I have designed this device to charge mobile phone with blowing air .one small battery is also fitted in this device which can be used as a power bank ,this device can also used as a mini fan in summer time , this device is also used as emergency light at night.

The Technology

In my device two DC generator of rating 9V,0.3A is connected in series ,after that a bridge rectifier made up of diode IN4007is connected to make current? unidirectional ,after that a capacitor of2200micro F,is connected in parallel to provide constant current?, after that two way switch is connected to output plug it is used as mobile charger ,and other terminal to a battery and one output plug is also connected to battery to use as a power bank .one strong magnet is fitted in back body of device ,which is used to hold the device on mettalic body of transport.

Additional Details

Approx cost of this device is only every one can use this is easy to use ,compact in size helpful in long journey by bus or bike .

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