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3D Printable Electric Longboard

MAKERS: Ian COUNTRY: United States

The point of this project was to develop a 3D printable, high power, and open source electrical longboard to decrease the dependence on large, inefficient vehicles for short trips.

The Purpose

Electric long boards are highly efficient devices intended for short range travel. Given more than 50% of all gas burning vehicle commutes are less than 5 miles, every electric longboard can have a huge impact. These devices are often to expensive to buy commercially, and the technical requirements for a motor mount are often too high. The solution this project developed is a cheap, easy to use open source model that does not require a high technical overhead like nearly every other model on the internet.

The Technology

This project is based off of a custom designed 3D printable motor mount that allows the attachment of a highly efficient 149KV brush less motor. The batteries are two 6 cell LIPO packs wired in series to achieve more than 50 volts of power output. The entire thing is controlled through a basic arduino and radio transceiver circuit connected to a high power motor controller.

Additional Details

Specs:19 MPH flat ground top speed18% Hill grade capable14 km rangeWater ProofLights!Fast Charge, 50% in less than half an hour

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