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Roof Mounted UHF antenna for Metro-Rails


Design, simulation & development of same antenna would decrease the cost about 50 % and 80 % more efficient than existing antenna.

The Purpose

Recent development in the area of antenna is now primarily focused on minimizing the size of the antenna without any effect on its performance. Proposed work presents a UHF (400-520 MHz) low profile vertically polarized similar to a short monopole antenna with compact and mechanically stable structure for mounting on to the roof of the Heavy duty vehicles such as Trains. It can also be employed with a ground plane (roof surface/rooftop) as in vehicle antenna is consider advantageous because the desired direction of communication are mostly independent of the orientation of the vehicle.

The Technology

The proposed antenna is made up of the less than ?/32 dimension in height and ?/8 in lateral dimension. The simulation is carried out by using CST Microwave Studio Program. The effect of the antenna parameters on the bandwidth will be investigated. It is easily embedded on the roof of the vehicle. Moreover, the proposed antenna is simple structure, low profile, easy mounting and relative good bandwidth (BW). It is also shown that this antenna features excellent 50 ? impedance match and nearly omnidirectional in horizontal plane over a majority fraction of bandwidth.

Additional Details

? Low Profile & Light weight Design ? Good Bandwidth (BW) ? High Directivity ? Low fabrication cost in volume production ? Easy surface Mounting I Won best innovative idea award from Bombardier Transportation India Pvt Ltd, Savli for the same project. ? Perfect receiver

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