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To Be Smart With IOT (TBSIOT)

MAKERS: khaled COUNTRY: Egypt

We add IOT techniques on Egyptian Electricity Grid to improve it's functionality to be more and more smart. We don't replace all recently meters but add electronic circuit on them.

The Purpose

Proliferated lately problem of exceeding loads on the Utility Grid (UG) that results in the instability of UG, Now this problem is solved in Egypt by traditional way represented in cut off electricity from some areas (Blackout) which is unfair way leading to lose credibility and reliability of the grid, There is another way that work on replacing the currently meters (CMs) totally with another strategy doesn't include the use of card (precedence payment) and it requires a comprehensive change in the electrical distribution mechanism inside houses and it's a high cost.

The Technology

So our proposed idea is based on development of CMs performance by adding an electronic circuit that communicate with UG and control household appliances through our smart plugs using Internet Of Things (IOT) and power electronic techniques, And based on the type and level of these signals the developed meter (DM) will send signal to smart plugs to takes the appropriate actions such as reducing the energy consumed by devices or disconnecting such loads according to a particular priority protocol until the network recover its stability our system can applicable without replace the CMs.

Additional Details

we have two products : 1-To Be Smart module that will change CMs to Smart Meters. 2-Smart Plug

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