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Unmanned Gun Control Mechanisms


The main aim of the project is to protect the boundaries and Army monitoring the boundary at extreme condition and secure it from the Unauthorized Intruder .

The Purpose

This project is designed to safe ground the boundaries at extreme conditions (Siachien). Where human intervention is very difficult and save the precious live of our soldiers. It is used to reduce the power consumption of the micro-controller using OS concepts. The direction of the LASER is accurately pointed by alleging the camera with respect to the stepper motor. The power consumption of LASER is reduced by using relays.

The Technology

We require two software's for the implementation of the project. 1. MATLAB : For implementing vehicle License Plate tracking and reorganization. 2. KEIL : For implementing the decision making using microcontroller 8051.

Additional Details

The project ?UNMANNED GUN CONTROL? is used to safe grounding the boundaries in any weather harsh weather condition. During the battle in harsh condition the area where army person can?t afford the situation due to low temperature and high altitude snow in that condition automatic weapon are may be used to protect the area. Which are work when enemy person come inside the boundary it detect and shoot the target.

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