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A wireless biometric attendance system is highly compatible for taking attendance in mobility. Is highly portable, rechargeable, gets easily connected to its app and also saves attendance in pdf

The Purpose

Basically, attendance taking is a mess for conferences, colleges, coaching institutes, schools and various other meets where attendance is countable. We have seen that attendance is a very time taking process but it is mandatory. So we thought to digitize it. Atomet allows users to take attendance biometrically using fingerprint and forward it to android mobile and if needed than also forward it to the user's website. It is much smaller than a human hand and hence highly portable. Graded with built-in rechargeable batteries and wireless connectivity to users phone also allowing to save attendance in pdf in phone itself.

The Technology

The technology used is highly compact. Microcontroller being the brain commands fingerprint module to take attendance of the registered person and if match found than the data is forwarded to users android phone via bluetooth connectivity having a range of a conference room. For this connectivity we have developed an android app to communicate with our device. The app itself saves attendance in pdf in user's phone and can also transfer it to user's server via internet. App features to be highly protected with registered access. The system is safe, secure and highly portable due to compact design.

Additional Details

The system is highly secure because the fingerprint module is of 500 dpi and app allows access only to registered users.

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