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Let It Ring!!

The Purpose

In most schools of most developing countries, school times are kept by students. A bell ringer is appointed/elected to continuously monitor the time. This usually leaves the student distracted from what the teacher is teaching to avoid delaying classes. This project aims to automate the bell ringing task as per the school's timetable. The accuracy of timing of the periods shall be improved and anxiety of at least one student greatly reduced.

The Technology

The system comprises of two main parts. The controller unit and the electric bell. The controller is based on the Arduino Mega 2560 board. This is made up of an LCD display, a real time clock chip and a relay to drive the 240V AC bell.

Additional Details

-The real time clock keeps very accurate time even after power failure. -A button to silence the bell is provided for. This is useful especially during term breaks. -A manual ringing option is provided to ring the bell on demand (a time not in the timetable). -A UPS system can be included in the system so that the bell can keep working even in the event of blackouts.

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