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aigainst OTT

MAKERS: papa adama COUNTRY: Senegal

i got to design a system which it can integrate in all type telephone-network . so the goal of this is to help the phone-companies to fight ott's phenomenon

The Purpose

nowadays many telephons companies are menaced by the ott's phenomeno my project's goal is to help the telecom companies to erradicate this one so by designing a system which can do communication in low prices without lose any thing and the simple and only is to sponsor the communication that's what i can tell about this project i got to continue next time

The Technology

we take a server which named spot box where we put many spot for advertising evn a person listen the spot he will communicate without paying son the company which the spot do the publicity pay the communication in expencive price so you can fight against oot with that.

Additional Details

this project was designed since 2011 by my father that's i do the telecom

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