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MAKERS: Tafadzwa COUNTRY: Zimbabwe

the device is an upgrade of normal DC to AC inverters. the design of the electromechanical device is supposed to use a single circuit to convert multiple sources the same

The Purpose

the device eleminates the need to use multiple inverters in power systems. therefore the use of only on converter that can take many inputs all at the same time increases the efficiency of the power usage. the absents of many electrical components in this device enables it to flexible and not rigid. you would find specific inverters e.g 12V to 220V but this device can be manipulated to vary the kind of output that would be required at a specific time without having any electrical faults. the device can be applied where any other normal inverters are applied

The Technology

a rotating metal disc attached to a motor acts a contact between a positive cable that is transporting power to the the disc rotates it has sections which are insulated so that as it rotates it acts as a switch. this motion of the disc changes the wave form of the input dc source to that which the transformer is able to step up. the angular velocity of the disc will therefore determine the amount of output obtained.

Additional Details

from the description the device is simple to build and understand. it does not require many electrical components which might limit the full potential at which the device can any other inverters some power from the input is used in running the device and the power used is very low. since it can also take any type of dc input it can also be applied in solar power usage. in this case the solar will be directly connected to the input terminals of the device and without the need of any solar cell you can enjoy your power

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