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chain/rover tank.

MAKERS: shreyash COUNTRY: India

it is use in military area where for spying information from enemies and bomb blasting this project have camera and ultrasonic sensor to catch more info..

The Purpose

actually this the tank is made by pure automobile bike gear chain whose are full strong and its mack wheel is also ironed made its very strong..which this robots use for military bomb blasting, defusing,amd long is controlled by Android phone also

The Technology

in this robots i use automobile gears chain and wheels which makes me unique.. this Robot controlled by Bluetooth module which we can controlling on Android phones and laptops.

Additional Details

it is working like a monster tank whose are strong..i use arduino uno and motor drivers circuit and 2 motor 150 rpm they Carry much weight and travelling also a few normal constant speed with 12volt dc rechargeble Battery who give best power to those circuits and motors

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