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Multi-missionary Customized Head on Flipper Ground Manipulor Controlled Robot


The era of Armed Patrol and Assistive Robots has begun. This is a real time adaptable manual and semi autonomous unmanned ground surveillance ground robot, with a 5 DOF Robotic Arm (manipulator). Its modular design and combat proven reliability is non-matched and first time introduced in Pakistan. It can easily overcome obstacles and gives live video transmission using wireless CCTV (2.4GHz, FM) camera. It can easily enter inaccessible and dangerous areas using DC motor operated at 24V (150rpms) producing torque of 12 Nm. We have used wrong command rejection algorithm for hurdle and obstacle avoidance which provides enhanced situational awareness, reduces risk of collision and damage. Initially this project was started by a senior undergraduate group and now we are working on its manipulator implementation and making it solar powered. Estimated Cost $1500

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