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In market local ups designed for just power production using batteries or such types of battery. They do work but not for all environment. We implement i-UPS for multipurpose. It consists of microcontroller based circuit. It saves battery life with temperature sensor. When battery is fully charged and comparator do not trip battery charging then microcontroller will come in work trip the battery charging by temperature sensing. Because heating hardener the battery and it lose its efficiency. Also we provide three outputs from i-UPS, one is neutral and other two are phase-1 and phase-2. Phas-1 control lights, chargers and low power electronics appliances. On the other hand, phase-2 controls the fans and inductor type?s load. Energy saving works in the form of battery status. When battery is at its critical situation it switches of phase-2 and let the phase-1 on. So we can get lights at low battery. When main supply is on, automatically phase-1 and phase-2 connected to main supply. In day light we also get energy from sunlight to get power and save battery voltage for low light condition. For this we use solar panel. We wish our solar panel to accommodate in two axis (horizontal and vertical).it also gets two main line from different feeders. It also checks these line voltages and automatically selects which line is on or off.

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