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Flexible Android HMI for wireless control of microcontroller based systems

MAKERS: Juan Luis COUNTRY: Mexico

Control and monitor your surroundings from the commodity of your smartphone using the ArduinoTotal Control (ATC) app. Connect via Bluetooth, BluetoothLE or Wi-Fi to your favorite microcontroller (or arduino).


The Purpose

The purpose of this project is to develop a tool that anybody can use to develop android compatible Bluetooth and Wi-Fi projects for any microcontroller, but mainly, for Arduino. By using this app, the engineer, enthusiast or student does not require any knowledge about android app programming; the user then focus in designing his/her Human Machine Interface layout using the intuitive edition tools embedded in the app. In addition, the app provides sensors, speech recognition, text to speech, vibration, touch panels, text, buttons, web cam compatibility, interactive bars and pictures that can easily represent any physical or real system.

The Technology

ATC is compatible with: ? Bluetooth. (HC05, HC06) ? Bluetooth LE. (HM10) ? Wi-Fi. (Arduino YUN, Ethernet Shield, ES8266) ? Any WebCam Source code: Add free download: Get the paid app free using one of below promotion codes: K61PRGQWGVGCHA8ZE9HP7R4 6RW0E0C93S6V3CA6JHGJ3AF C12SCJGARHY4EJJGDSZR4J4 UQ9YBMB85CLGYSGUFS4DNZ3 JKZAHDVA97ZEUB4Z4FMQSWZ YDAN57YBAXPT6UPJQU5LN8Z GDK4809S6BRZ3QGXLLN3THJ EUAFN6HT7ZXW01SMY38E95T 9SX35DYDY8N7M0TP053XDTK 2ZMGZVTYPDHPJZT8FUMDJYK Free App download:

Additional Details

New features under development: * Wider sensor support. * Automatic arduino code generation. * Control over internet. * Multiple TCP connections at the same time.

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