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Smart Cervical Collar using Embedded Systems

MAKERS: Hariharan , Rajesh COUNTRY: India

Using cervical collar that is wound on the neck of a patient and to monitor the health parameters using Sensors.This can be done by using Embedded Systems.

The Purpose

Cervical Collars (Neck braces) provide a good physical support and stiffness to Human neck. Our idea is to develop a new electronic gadget that creates communication between a patient and the Medical Practitioner in hospitals. As monitoring the health parameters of a Human Body continuously is a key factor in the medical industry. Our project focuses on elderly people having severe neck pain and persons having Backbone problems. The proposed method is to make a low-cost, easy to use and portable technology called the SMART CERVICAL COLLAR which records the vital parameters of the human body.

The Technology

Our team has the idea of making a wearable neck brace type gadget which would monitor the patients vital health parameters so that the medical assistant could extract the information regarding their health status for time to time and take the required actions at the time of emergency situations. We can provide the Smart Cervical Collar along with the Smartphone application. This system informs the details to the family members if there is any serious or vital condition with the patient.

Additional Details

We have three entities for the equipment: Sensor Unit - contains the sensors which are connected inside the Neck Brace (to record the health status), Control Unit - the place where the Embedded Systems comes into picture, Display Unit - the unit where the Doctor can see the result. Also, the results can be visualized in a smartphone application. By combining these entities, we can monitor the necessary health factors.

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