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arduino mini traffic light project


This project is important because it would catapult nigeria practical education to a better place. i appreciate my tutors

The Purpose

I did not only solve the problem of technology ignorance, but i also solve the problem of self empowerment. i could advance in learning, so as to become a professional traffic light engineer

The Technology

Using arduino programming platform makes it supreme than other inventions relating to it

Additional Details

I would like to say that when someone has the DREAM, MAKER, and DETERMINATION but does not have empowerment it results to communal backwardness. Please and please i would like our world great men and women to come and empower some part of the world, not by what to eat, but by empowering the less privilege in their slum. am referring to NIGERIA especially. if really empowerment could come, the rate of militant and insurgency will be a past history. instead we would be head in agriculture, technology etc.

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