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Transformation through Information Secure Big Data for Men and Machines

MAKERS: Venkata Subbareddy

The current era of data explosion entails the necessity of high efficiency in terms of data capacity and data security. This scenario of Big Data inevitably leads to the technology of Internet of Things (IoT) in the future. The present project purports to the effective harnessing of nonlinear signal processing principles leading to enhanced security of data without compromising on capacity. The advantage of using nonlinear signal processing lies in the fact that the nonlinearity of a single NMOS transistor is able to provide robust security by generation of chaotic signals. This results in low power dissipation and simplicity of circuitry. The enhanced secure communication techniques are then studied giving importance to the phase variations in the signal and are then applied to real world information systems. Also, the possibility of introducing such techniques in conventional big data systems such as RDBMS and Hadoop are considered. After significantly demonstrating the capabilities of the nonlinear signal processing approach in terms of fidelity, capacity and robustness , the techniques are extended even further to include an Internet of Things (IoT) based environment . The implementation of nonlinear signal processing techniques to IoT based systems such as RFID are explored. At the final stage, the change in the managerial perspective required to handle the IoT dominated environment is discussed. The business level implications of such a technology shift are studied. This study of IoT is termed as ?Management of Things? (MoT). The principal aim of this project is to provide a feasible, efficient, innovative yet cost-effective solution to the biggest problems of the telecommunication world today ? data capacity and data security. This project thus follows from the motto ?Transformation through Information? and leads us gently to become effective citizens of a smarter planet.

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