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A New and Innovative Method of Electricity Generation- Solar Inverter Technology Transfer

MAKERS: Aparna

The overall goal of this project is to design and successfully implement an inverter that is specifically used in photovoltaic off-grid applications. This inverter would take power from a solar panel and output a standard 120VAC , 60Hz for use in typical household applications. Solar inverters with this technology will charge the battery with power as well as solar panels. However, there are more possibilities where battery can be over charged in such cases. In our designed technology these types of problems is being avoided and we can save our power bills by 75% every month. Let us explain how our technology works. It will automatically understand when the battery is full and then it will stop taking the power from the meter and it will start supplying the power to your home appliances from the Solar inverter battery till the battery power comes to 50%. When the battery power comes under 50% it will automatically get connected with electric meter. So with this powerful technology, all the appliances will run with solar power dis-interruptedly when the power is available too. This will reduce 75% of your monthly power bills and we can save a lot of money. Also Solar inverters will not work as UPS. This is also one of the lacking factor in the current scenario. Our latest solar inverter technology will work as UPS as well as inverter. With this latest technology, no power drop takes place in home or office appliances. Main motive behind this project is to design a sophisticated product which will make our life better with maximum benefits from minimum budget and also in the context to serve for the betterment of our country also.

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