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Prosthetic Arm & Hand Design

MAKERS: Dildar Ahmed , Jahan Zaib , Muhammad COUNTRY: Pakistan

Our project is related to biomedical engineering we people have designed a prosthetic arm for the amputees who have lost their forearm and hand due to accident or other cause.


The Purpose

Our project serves the humanity because there are people around us who have lost their hand or arms due to accident or warfares. We have created, for them, a fully functioning arm so that they could do their daily tasks after attaching it to their upper limb. Our project also facilitates the soldiers who had lost their jobs, because of losing the arm, to rejoin the duty after getting their new replaced arm.

The Technology

Earlier there were used multi channel devices to produce several motions for prostheses but we people have used single channel muscle sensor to actuate 6 different motions i.e., elbow flexion and extension wrist supination and pronation and hand opening and closing.

Additional Details

-----> Amputees who have lost their upper limb part can get this arm to do their daily tasks easily. ------> This model can also be used in the labs to let students understand the concepts of bioengineering in more better way.

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