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Mid-air force feedback interface

MAKERS: Phuong , Duy , Kien , Tho COUNTRY: Vietnam

In student-centered classrooms, learners should be able to become makers by doing their our virtual experiments. Our project will support them to study interactively, intuitively and immersively.


The Purpose

The project is to support elementary, secondary and high school students to study scientific subjects intuitively, interactively and immersively. Several scientific scenarios will display as mid-air objects. Then, users would be able to touch the floating objects in the space with the haptic interface. The project would be used in classroom to teach students about physics phenomena such as gravity, solar system, kite simulation. In addition, users would be able to become makers with our haptic pottery program. The ultimate goal is to support learners in their learning curve with the state-of-the-art technology

The Technology

Our project utilizes force feedback rendering and computer graphics rendering to simulate virtual experiments to users. First, virtual objects will be rendered via physically based rendering module. In addition, users would be able to touch realistically virtual objects with the robot arm - called haptic interface. Learning by experimenting is proved as one of the best way for students to gain knowledge. Our system also supports them to create their own virtual potteries or virtual objects. Then, in future, it would be connected to 3D printers to generate their own actual objects.

Additional Details

Haptic interface will support learners to be active in their learning curve. The module would also support teachers to demonstrate their ideas easier to their students.

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