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Power Generation From Pressure

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Piezoelectric effect is a unique property that allows materials to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy

The Purpose

The usefulness of most high technology devices such as cell phones, computers, and sensors is limited by the storage capacity of batteries. In the future, these limitations will become more pronounced as the demand for wireless power outpaces battery development which is already nearly optimized. Thus, new power generation techniques are required for the next generation of wearable computers, wireless sensors, and autonomous systems to be feasible. Piezoelectric materials are excellent power generation devices because of their ability to couple mechanical and electrical properties.

The Technology

One of the most widely used materials is piezoelectric materials because of their wide band width, fast electro mechanical response, relatively low power requirements and high generative forces. They are being more and more studied as they turn out to be very unusual materials with very specific and interesting properties.

Additional Details

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting is a new and innovative step in the direction of energy harvesting. Through this project paper, we will describe the basic working of a piezoelectric crystal. Then later in this, we have proposed the idea of combining energy from a number of piezoelectric crystals to obtain higher voltages. Certain ways of implanting the crystals at different places have also been included in this paper. Piezoelectric crystals can be utilized to obtain voltages of very small values and hence can drive low voltage devices. Hence, Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting comes under the category of Micro scale energy harvesting scheme.

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