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MAKERS: vijay , kuldeep COUNTRY: India

A smart IOT pole which stores solar energy in li-ion battery and has the facility for lighting, security,digital display, sensors and mobile charging. Analytics and control on the web.

The Purpose

Green Street light: Solar energy is stored in the li-ion battery and LED light is used for lightning. this makes it can last for 10years which are the most innovative solution for street lighting. Wireless :No external wire is needed for both power and connectivity. All the devices can be connected with IOT board which Connects with WI-FI internet. All inside: Devices and battery can be placed inside the pole, so no issue of damage from external weather conditions and theft.hence minimum maintenance cost. Smart City: This pole has everything for making streets smart and secure.

The Technology

Li-ion battery solar charging: Sun is the source of energy and that energy is stored in li-ion cells ,cells have high energy density hence need less space and can be used in low and high temperature hence best choice for outdoor street poles. IOT: Texas instruments cc3200 board is used to sent data from pole to cloud and access data from the cloud, TI CC3200 is the single chip which has both iot and microcontroller cortex M4.A single web page is designed for all function hence easy management. Digital Display: The pole display can be used for alerts,emergency message,advertisement.

Additional Details

we are final year students graduated in June 2016.No industry experts are involved in this project. we love making this project and looking forward to real big scale prototype

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