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Human safety system for two wheelers

MAKERS: kannabiran COUNTRY: India

This project does not allow the rider of two wheeler unless he/she wears the helmet. It makes the rider to wear helmet as a mandatory.It saves lives during accident.


The Purpose

Most of the riders does not care about the purpose of wearing helmet. Accident may occur at any time and any where, our project make the rider to wear helmet as a mandatory.It saves lives of rider during the occurrence of accident.

The Technology

It comprises of transmitter which is embedded in helmet and receiver in ignition system of two wheeler.The sensors are placed inside helmet to detect the presence of human head inside the helmet.Once it detects, it continuously transmits the signal.The corresponding signal received by receiver and it close circuit of ignition system.Then only the rider can start the vehicle,Otherwise it won't start.

Additional Details

It Saves human lives during accident and greatly reduce the head injuries.In addition to that, The vehicle is lock/unlock by using the helmet itself.And parking alarm and theft alaram is also included.

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