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smart helmet for indian bike riders

MAKERS: priti

The smart helmet is based on one single idea i.e. to make it somehow mandatory to wear it while riding a motorbike by the help of some technology. This helmet in practice acts as a second key to the vehicle and in turn increases security. Moreover as the rider can neither starts nor run the vehicle without wearing the helmet it ensures that the rider has to wear the helmet at all times while riding the vehicle. At the same time, as each helmet is unique to the receiver on board the vehicle so there won?t be any interference from usage of similar units even at close range. As an added feature, the transmitter used in the helmet comprises of very long range thus can be used to switch on the vehicle from a remote location (say while alighting the staircases from the apartment). The helmet comes with two modules one receiver and one transmitter. The transmitter being embedded in the helmet itself and the receiver module can be installed on any bike.

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