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Mobile Robotic Arm 1.0

MAKERS: Sukrit

The objective of this project was to make a low cost Robotic arm on a mobile base that will be capable of travelling,collecting and carrying objects. The robot should be autonomous and easy to use. In our prototype we have been successful in making a 3-link robotic arm to perform pick and place operations given the position of object. This we accomplished by finding the Darnelitt Hartenberg(DH) parameters for the three links and using forward kinematics for a given coordinate. BASIC FUNCTIONING OF ROBOT The mobile base of the bot is a self powered bot requiring no human intervention. The bot is switched on and placed on the ground. It keeps on moving as long as the Infrared sensor attached to it does not detect any object in its path. As soon as an object crosses the infrared beam, the IR sensor glows and the mobile base stops. This triggers the robotics arm and the robotic arm picks the object and drops it in a basket placed behind it. Once the pick and place operation has finished the robotic arm goes to its initial position and the mobile base begins to move forward.

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