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Innovative Surgical Robotics

MAKERS: Georgios-Marios

The subject of this project is the design, the fabrication, the construction and the control of a surgical robotic tool with innovative characteristics . The laparoscopic tool consists of cascaded links which are powered by Shape Memory Alloys wires, acting as binary actuators with two stable states. Each link is composed actuators, creating a Stewart platform and providing a 3-DOF maneuverability for each joint. The electronics are embedded in the inner cavity of the links in, Master-Slave architecture. The communication between the surgeon and the tool is achieved with I2C-networked microcontrollers. In the distal link of the tool, there is a stereoscopic camera and an IMU board that offers orientation information. Moreover, a Force Sensing System, that is able to be attached to the next version of the current tool. Finally, certain design aspects as well as the kinematics of the binary manipulator are presented simulation and experimental studies on the laparoscopic tool prototype.

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