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Internet Of Things: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

MAKERS: Rishabh

Internet of Things is as much about space as it is about things ? about sensing, interacting with and controlling the environment around us using technology to extend what we can sense and manipulate. Quadcopters are simply a manifestation of this idea. Our project builds on this idea by creating, deploying and controlling an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This UAV will be a Quadcopter, that would at it's heart have the Arduino Board and would be controlled via Wi-Fi (through PC) by a Smart Phone's application. The phone will be connected to a PC wirelessly that will connect to the onboard controller, via Modules. So as you can see it's not just Robotics but a mixture of Robotics and Apps and Software. Things Needed: 1) 100 Mbps Wi-Fi network. (Between Mobile-PC). 2) Modules (Between PC-Arduino). 3) Arduino Duemilanove Board 4) Quadcopter Frame 5) InvenSensor MPU 6050 6) Electronic Speed Controllers 7) Brushless Motors 8) Windows XP and above. 9) Android or iOS. Country: India Team Members: 1) Rohit Chawla 2) Sayyam Sachdev 3) Rishabh Banga

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