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This project is a useful tool for speech impaired and patients which fill the communication gap between patients, doctors and relatives. This project will give dumb a voice to speak for their needs and to express their gestures.


The Purpose

Generally dumb people use sign language for communication but they find difficulty in communicating with others who don?t understand sign language. This project aims to lower this barrier in communication. It is based on the need of developing an electronic device that can translate sign language into speech in order to make the communication take place between the mute communities with the general public possible.

The Technology

The system is intended and built using the flex sensor, PIC16F8877A Micro controller. Our sensing device produces the analog values corresponding to the acceleration of three axes. Acceleration values for the eight gestures were placed in the lookup table in controller. Each incoming gestures values for all three axes be compared with every axis value in the table. The tolerance level for each axes is?5.When the detected gesture is same as that of collected one, one channel among eight in the voice chip will be automatically enabled. The same be also played through speaker using APR9600 voice chip.

Additional Details

1. Flex sensor which is kept in the gloves, send the analog value according to the fingers movement. 2. PIC Microcontroller converts these analog values to digital values, and here we did some coding for instruction. 3. speak jet IC take the instruction through microcontroller IC and fed to Amplification IC. 4. Speaker is used for speak out the voice. 5. LCD is used to display the text which is speak. So, this electronics speaking gloves converts the gestures language into speak as well as text.

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